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Our Insurance covers most of the possible events you may have while riding an Off-Road vehicle.

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Individual Off-Road Insurance
Reducing Your Risk While Off-Roading – Drive Defensively, Wear the Proper Gear and Insure Your Machine, Yourself, and Passengers Properly

Off-roading on your UTV, dirt bike, or snowmobile can be a fun and exciting sport, but it also comes with inherent risks. The freedom of riding through that desert wash, winding through that mountain trail, or sailing through the dunes has no better feeling as we bond with mother nature and all her glory. But as you know, wherever you are riding naturally occurring obstacles like sand dunes, washes, wind storms, and hills can prevent off-roaders from adequately seeing each other leading to collisions. The best way to prevent accidents is to ride defensively and be aware of your surroundings. Additionally, wearing the proper gear such as chest protectors, full coverage helmets and the proper footwear can aid in reducing injuries while off-roading. While driving defensively and wearing the proper gear can help in reducing off-roading risk, you should also properly insure both your machine, yourself, and your passengers. You would be amazed at how many off-roaders don’t carry liability coverage, and of those who do carry liability insurance, many carry the lowest liability limits they can buy.

Off-Road Vehicle Insurance – Correctly Cover Your Equipment

Correctly insuring your off-road equipment for physical damage coverage is paramount, whether it be your new UTV, your dirt bike or snowmobile, or your new toy-hauler trailer that has all the options on it that money can buy. Many of us have added additional aftermarket equipment to our machines, so make sure you tell your agent what extra aftermarket equipment you have added to your off-road unit, and supply your agent with a finalized correct value for your upgraded off-road vehicle. Many insurance carriers will allow you to ensure your equipment is at a higher value, equal to the investment you have in your dirt bike, UTV, a snowmobile with an “Additional Collison Coverage Endorsement”. Saving your receipts for these parts can make the claim process easier if you do sustain damage to any of your off-road vehicles or trailers.

Insuring Not Only the Other Party with Liability Coverage – But also Correctly Insuring Yourself, Your Family and Friends

Insuring your off-road vehicles to the proper values is very important to recoup your investment cost if an accident occurs. It is even more important to make sure you have the proper liability limits established on your off-road policy. While most off-road enthusiasts don’t think about this, the liability limits you set in place on your policy not only insures the other party should you get into an accident or collision with them, but with Uninsured (UM) or Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM) Coverage, you are insuring yourself and any passengers in your off-road vehicle or truck or automobile. Should you allow the other riders that you got into a collision with to select the amount of liability coverage you should have in place to protect yourself, your family, and fellow riders in your off-road vehicle? Any prudent, sane person would say NO! Don’t place your ability for recovery from an off-road accident in the hands of another rider. The more Uninsured / Underinsured Liability coverage you can get, the more likely you are to be properly insured in the event of an off-road collision accident occurs. Please note that UM and UIM limits follow the liability limits of your ATV, Motorcycle, or Snowmobile Most insurers will offer up to $250,000 limits per person/$500,000 per accident and some will even offer up to a $500,000 Combined Single Limit.

Additionally, many Personal Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance carriers offer UM/UIM coverage in your Umbrella Policy. Umbrella/Excess Liability Policies are typically sold in $1,000,000 increments. For an eye-opener, research on the internet what it runs to be on life support for a month in ICU in a hospital. From third-party sources, average research data shows being in ICU on a ventilator at over $100,000 per month. With these kinds of high expenditures you, your family, and friends being potentially exposed to, the premium amounts on both your underlying General Liability and Umbrella policy now look somewhat more tolerable, right? Can you imagine if all of your passengers in your riders in your RZR, Can-Am, TRX, etc were severely injured at one time in a UM/UIM accident? While your health insurance program gives you coverage while in the hospital, your out-of-pocket medical costs could be astronomical. With the proper liability limits and additional UM/UIM coverage along with higher Umbrella coverage limits and your health insurance plan, you should be adequately covered. At Mitchell Off-Road Insurance Services, we are here to help you make the decisions you need to properly protect yourself, your family, and your friends.

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